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Giving people the means to contribute to positive transformations in society.

Societe Generale wishes to work alongside its partners across Asia Pacific on projects and initiatives achieving a sustainable development and positive impact on the future.



Beyond its business activities, Societe Generale is a committed partner in:



Your project must:

  • be in line with one or several areas of focus indicated above
  • occur in a country where Societe Generale operates and demonstrate a strong local focus
  • come from an organization operating for at least one year
  • require a financial contribution lower than 30% of its total cost
  • have tangible, identified and measurable targets



Regardless of the type of partnership (sponsorship, financial or in-kind donation, volunteering), your project must be submitted directly online and will go through the below steps (that you can follow on your account) :

1. Reception of your application (once the form finalised)

2. Analysis and examination of your application

3. Project overview and presentation to the decision-making bodies

4. Project support and partnership (if selected)


Projects & Partners in 2020